Born in 1944 is a renowned photo-artist of the lofty Himalayas. Born in New Delhi, India, he was educated at Modern School and graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce. After graduation, he took up higher studies and qualified as a Chartered Accountant from AF Ferguson & Co, Mumbai. He has travelled widely in Europe and USA and has won international awards for his work.
Ashok lives in New Delhi and manages the prestigious family photographic concern, Kinsey Bros, whose field of specialization is studio portraiture and commercial works but Himalaya remains his first and foremost obsession.
I entered the profession in 1977 and did a lot of portraiture and commercial work all along. In 1979 I first ventured into Himalaya and got attracted in a very big way. The quest to publish one book ended in twenty three titles so far and two more titles are being worked out presently. I operated almost all big-brand cameras like Nikons, Hassleblads, Linhofs, Mamiyas and Fujicas in several formats.
He claims that his biggest achievement in life has been to bring grandeur of the Himalayas to millions of homes and offices.
I have pursued the profession in a very dedicated manner. To understand the basics of black & white photography, it was most essential to do the work myself in darkroom in 1971. When we began with color work I had to do the same thing by actually doing the basics of color darkroom. This helped me gain full control on the technical aspects of photography.
I would not claim any achievements as such but my sincere approach in photography in portraiture led to much appreciation. When I turned my full attention to Himalaya photography, the same dividends have accrued.
Though I have tried my best to keep a low profile and keep myself in actual work rather than publicity of work, I have gained good appreciation and appreciators following, even in far off places who know my name but not my face!
Being able to publish 23 books in span of 32 years is my basic achievement. I ascribe to the view that what matters is one’s dedication to one’s work.